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March 24 , 2007

Waugh participates in "2fast4u" exhibition in Wolfsberg, Austria

In April of 2007, Daniel Pressl of presents "2fast4u - A High Speed Photography Exhibition in Wolfsberg" in collaboration with Gymnasium St. Paul, HTL Wolfsberg, Edgerton Explorit Center, and MIT.

The exhibition includes works of Martin Waugh, Daniel Pressl, Harold Edgerton, Ken Schroeder (, Gus Kafayas, Loren Winters (, Alec Resnick, Mohamed Haji, Nicholas LaCasse, Omari Stephens, and Jim Bales as well as hands-on exhibits of high-speed phototgraphic techniques.

You can visit the exhibition and all of its collaborators: 2fast4u is hosting a LIVE Stream, through which all participants and everyone in the WWW can communicate LIVE (with Video and Audio): Read more about the exhibition at

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